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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Opportunities

Liberation Yoga Teacher Training:

Grounded in Gratitude, Growing in Practice


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The exploration of Yoga is rooted in Liberation. Yoga is realized through the union of breath and body, mind and heart.

This School of Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training provides you with the foundation to deeply understand the whole of yoga—a sacred endeavor and alignment of devotion, intention, commitment, and practice. This immersion will create the platform necessary for you to guide others on their own journeys while supporting you in your connection to what is most alive in you. 

The more we understand how our external experiences influence our internal connections (and vice versa), the better we become at living wholeheartedly. Take this opportunity to grow and live more fully from the heart.

Held at Villa Sumaya, a renowned retreat center on breathtaking Lake Atitlan, this training is offered in a space that is as sacred as the practice of Yoga. Here we are cradled in divine beauty, allowing us to bring our whole selves to the practice. We connect, share and evolve. This is Yoga.

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