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Private Sessions

Private sessions
designed to help you where are

These personalized classes will leave you feeling more balanced, focused and empowered. Each session will help you learn more about your unique way of practicing, a way that allows you  cultivate strength where needed and a lightning when necessary. Sometimes the focus will be body-targeted and other times more meditation oriented. Always, centering your well-being. 

Raquel will develop custom practices tailored to your specific concerns. With more than 25 years of experience, Raquel has guided her clients through concerns such as the following:











Raquel guides you through a practice that that brings to life the holistic and healing nature of yoga.
Private Yoga Session
1 hr


An Invitation to Mentorship

If you want to connect to your yoga practice in a meaningful way, then working with an experienced mentor is an invaluable experience. Whether you desire to learn more about the philosophy of yoga, or develop a consistent, personal practice that nourishes and anchors you, mentorship can gives you the connection and container you need.

Sutras Study Mentorship

Are you interested in learning how to apply the philosophy of yoga in your everyday life? Yoga isn't a belief system, it's a full and complete life experience The Yoga Sutras offer accessible, actionable ways to not only practice yoga, but applicable and practical ways to manifest change.

Together, we will study the Yoga Sutras, beginning with the First Pada, line by line, allowing you to discover what living yoga means to you.

This is format is great for students, teachers, or practitioners that want a direct experience of yoga through philosophy and practice. Each student will also receive a customized daily yoga practice based on their physical and mental constitutions. 

Personal Practice Mentorship

The foundation of yoga is a consistent, personal practice. So, you may ask, how is a consistent, personal practice different than attending daily yoga class? Both personal practices and group practices include a combination of asana, pranayama, and meditation. But where a group class may address societal and group needs at large, a personal practice is designed to dial in on your unique needs.

During the course of a mentorship,  we meet and discuss areas of your life that may need fine-tuning or transformation. This may mean a physical ailment or challenge or it could be a desire for a mental shift. We will co-design a personal practice to meet you exactly where you are. Sessions happen regularly to discuss your experience, changes in your life, etc. Adjustments will be made as needed.

Mentorship with Raquel
1 hr

Personalized Meditations

Meditations made just for you

Coming soon! Reach out for more information if you just can't wait 
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