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2023 retreat dates are in the works, check back soon

Simple Living, High Thinking Retreat:

Life through the Lens of the Sutras

"It is essential sometimes to go to retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely, and look at them anew, not keep on repeating like machines whether you believe or do not believe. You would then let in fresh air into your minds."

~ J. Krishnamurti

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Join Anita Sundaram & Raquel Bueno in a magical place for a week dedicated to inspiring and unlocking a connection to greater potential in health through the wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga/meditation, empowerment, community, sacred living and being in relationship with wisdom cultures. We will begin our mornings with a soul nourishing practice that moves gracefully into study of the Yoga Sutras. Afterward, your day will be filled with space to reflect, express (through writing, art, song, poetry or any other way that feels organic to you) and nourish your body through water, optional treatments and the opportunity to walk the sacred land . The evening sessions will be a time for sharing and discussion as the sutras find their way through us. We cultivate connection, inner-knowing, and the gift of divine grace.   


Our days often run together. We move from one thing to the next often without giving each task a thought. This retreat/workshop is about slowing down, stepping in and growing inward through the guidance of the Yoga Sutras. This ancient and beautiful text is meant to be a lived experience and gives us guidelines to simplify our thoughts while allowing us to find our way, step by step, toward a more balanced and joyful life. Our vibration becomes higher, lighter and simultaneously more grounded. 


This life-giving retreat offers the relaxed opportunity to live and experience the teachings of yoga and aims to support the essence of “simple living - high thinking”. We all have the ability to know ourselves deeply; sometimes we just need a reminder! Come, be immersed in this rich land, and get to know the people and the practices that will support you on this path. 

Check back or get in touch for upcoming dates!

Much love,

Anita & Raquel 

Anita Sundaram
My journey in the sacred healing arts began more than thirty years ago. I consider myself a

teacher, a healer, a yogini, a botanical alchemist, and passionate woman who shares her love for

Ayurveda, Yoga, Beauty and the Art of Sacred Living. The fabric that makes up my lifestyle

teachings is infused with the magic of my birthplace, Mysore, India, the spiritual lineage of my

family and years of study with master teachers in a variety of healing modalities. My father, a

general surgeon, had a thirst for all things yogic and blossomed when he retired to India! My

mother, teacher, and mentor Swamini Srividyananda currently resides at the world renowned

Vedanta & Sanskrit Institute, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Pennsylvania. So my path I feel was

destined in service of others. Read more.

Raquel Bueno
Inspired by art, creativity, and belonging, Raquel creates a practice that brings to life the holistic

and healing nature of yoga; a practice where everyone belongs. A self-identified biracial

Mexican-American, her faith in the practice of “allowing” inspires people of all orientations to

simply, yet deeply, access and connect more passionately with spirit. Her teaching style integrates

real-life experience and the science and philosophy of yoga; enhancing a spiritual, mental and

physical context for your body and mind in the world. Read more.

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